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'The picture we present to ourselves of who we think we are obscures who we really are' 
- Mark Epstein 

My approach 

Counselling offers a confidential, caring and supportive environment where you can explore your concerns. As a counsellor, my approach is integrative, which means that I am able to draw on a range of therapeutic models, using those which are best suited to your individual needs. In this way, I will listen without judging and help you make sense of your experience, past and present, and support a gentle exploration of your self understanding. In this way, you may be able to let go of old patterns of behaviour and relating to others and find new ways of moving into a more positive and purposeful future. 
My approach means that I am able to integrate and blend a range of counselling models including 

Person centred 

This approach recognises that you are the expert on yourself and that you naturally have the inner resources to heal yourself and to grow. This happens best in a place of safety, empathy and acceptance where a strong therapeutic relationship with a trained counsellor can provide the environment for this to happen. 

Transactional Analysis 

In this approach the focus is on thoughts, feelings and behaviours you have learned from parents or other important people in your early life, as well as your childhood experience. These old influences can be either supportive or critical; identifying when these influences are unhelpful frees you up in the present to make new, more rational decisions in your adult 'here and now' experience. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Your thoughts and feelings impact on your behaviour in a way that can lead into negative cycles which, once raised in your awareness, can be changed into more positive ways of thinking and behaving and can be helpful in managing and ultimately letting go of fears, phobias and anxiety. Although this is essentially a practical approach, it can be combined with an exploration of the subtleties of the challenging thoughts and behaviours that create your difficulties. 


This approach helps you to raise your self awareness in the present and to explore creatively your current reality. This allows for a gentle exploration of your ideas, memories and sensations as they arise and the fostering of relationship, not only with yourself, but improve how you relate to those around you. It can help with noticing how your emotional and physical experience are intimately connected. 

Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction 

Research has shown that too much stress can harm your physical and emotional health and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR can help you notice the endless chatter of the mind, often arising from juggling the often overwhelming commitments of modern daily life. The endless mental narrative that arises from multitasking can be exhausting and make you 'miss' your life and your present experience go unnoticed. Whilst MBSR cannot necessarily make your commitments go away, it can help change your experience of stress by learning to notice your reactions to it and offer you the choice to respond to stressful situations in more considered ways. 
My Individually tailored counselling sessions are available for anyone living in North Devon & surrounding areas who needs to talk. 
Please do get in touch with me for with any questions you may have. 
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